What does Communion signify to Orthodox Christians

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March 25, 2024

Communion, also known as the Eucharist, holds an utmost significance in the Orthodox Christian belief system. It is regarded as a sacred and hallowed custom that fosters an intimate relationship with God and among the faithful.

Orthodox tradition holds that the Eucharist is a reenactment of the Last Supper, wherein Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples. During this gathering, Jesus made it clear that the bread symbolized his body, and the wine his blood. In a similar vein, the faithful partake in the Eucharist by receiving the bread and wine as the body and blood of Christ.

For the Orthodox Christians, Communion transcends a mere symbolic act. It is viewed as an authentic engagement with the body and blood of Christ, an avenue to receive His benevolence and fortitude. The faithful believe that by participating in the Eucharist, they become part of the life of Christ and become one with Him in a profound and meaningful way.

Beyond the spiritual merits of Communion, the Eucharist is a medium for believers to commune and unify with each other. As the faithful come together to participate in the Eucharist, they are reminded of their shared faith and their communal bond. The Orthodox Church emphasizes the importance of community and fellowship, thus creating a sense of unity among believers.

Additionally, Communion serves as a remembrance and homage to the sacrifice made by Jesus. By partaking in the Eucharist, believers are reminded of the immense love that Jesus held for them and the sacrifices He made to offer them salvation. This commemoration is a vital component of the Orthodox Christian religion and helps to keep the faithful anchored to the core tenets of their faith.

All in all, Communion is an essential and profoundly significant aspect of the Orthodox Christian belief system. It is a pathway for the faithful to draw nearer to God, to recall the sacrifice of Jesus, and to unify in fellowship and harmony. Whether through the sharing of bread and wine or through the profound sense of connection it brings, the Eucharist stands as an influential and enduring symbol of the Orthodox Christian faith.

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