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Divine Mercy and Judgment

Orthodox theology affirms the coexistence of God's infinite mercy and love with the reality of divine judgment and accountability for one's actions. God's mercy, rooted in his compassion and desire for the salvation of all humanity, extends to every person, regardless of their sinfulness or unworthiness. Through his incarnate Son, Jesus Christ, God demonstrates his boundless love for humanity, offering forgiveness, reconciliation, and new life to those who repent and turn to him in faith. At the same time, Orthodox theology recognizes the necessity of divine judgment as a manifestation of God's justice and righteousness. God's judgment, far from being punitive or arbitrary, is a natural consequence of his holiness and the moral order of creation. It serves to purify and restore humanity, separating good from evil and vindicating the oppressed and the righteous. The tension between divine mercy and judgment underscores the mystery of God's providence and the need for humility, repentance, and trust in his unfailing love and justice.
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