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The sacraments, or mysteries, of the Orthodox Church are sacred rites instituted by Christ to convey God's grace and presence to believers. Rooted in Scripture and Tradition, the seven principal sacraments—baptism, chrismation, Eucharist, confession, marriage, holy orders, and anointing of the sick—mediate the transformative power of the Holy Spirit for salvation and sanctification. Each sacrament signifies and effects spiritual realities, uniting the faithful with Christ and incorporating them into the life of the Church. Through the sacraments, believers participate in the paschal mystery of Christ's death and resurrection, receive forgiveness of sins, and are empowered for Christian witness and service in the world. The sacraments are celebrated within the context of liturgical worship and communal prayer, underscoring their communal and ecclesial dimension.
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We have a few great resources on the sacraments. Here's one talking more in-depth about each of the sacraments.

Holy Communion (Eucharist)

What does Communion signify to Orthodox Christians

Reconciliation (Confession)

Why Orthodox Christians have confession


Infant Baptism in Orthodoxy

History of Orthodox Christianity
Learn our history

Other Orthodox Concepts

More Concepts

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