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Eschatology in Orthodox theology concerns the study of the last things and the fulfillment of God's plan for creation, including the final judgment, the resurrection of the dead, and the renewal of all things in Christ. Orthodox eschatology is rooted in the scriptural witness to God's ultimate victory over sin, death, and evil through the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of the new heavens and the new earth. The eschatological vision of Orthodox Christianity affirms the reality of eternal life and the hope of salvation for those who have faith in Christ and live according to his commandments. It also acknowledges the reality of judgment and the possibility of eternal separation from God for those who reject his grace and persist in sin. The second coming of Christ, anticipated with hope and vigilance by the faithful, will inaugurate the final judgment, the resurrection of the dead, and the establishment of God's kingdom in its fullness. Orthodox eschatology inspires believers to live in anticipation of Christ's return, cultivating lives of holiness, repentance, and service in preparation for the age to come.
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