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The use of sacred images, or icons, occupies a central place in Orthodox worship and spirituality, serving as windows to heaven and aids to prayer, contemplation, and spiritual growth. Rooted in the belief in the Incarnation, iconography affirms the goodness of creation and the possibility of encountering the divine through material means. Icons depict Christ, the Virgin Mary, saints, angels, and biblical scenes in a stylized manner, conveying spiritual truths and theological insights through symbolic gestures, colors, and compositions. As "windows to heaven," icons facilitate the believer's ascent to God and participation in the heavenly liturgy, revealing the presence of the transcendent within the immanent and the eternal within the temporal. Icons are venerated, not worshiped, in Orthodox worship, as tangible manifestations of the spiritual reality they represent. The process of creating icons, guided by tradition and prayer, involves both artistic skill and spiritual discernment, affirming the unity of faith and aesthetics in the service of divine worship and revelation.
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We have a few great resources on Icon Veneration in Orthodox Christianity and on a common misconception from outside Orthodoxy talking about how Orthodox Icons are not at all like idols.

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